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Training school
In communication industry high speed development today, the handset already becomes now the social
everybody necessary information exchange tool. The handset service profession is containing the huge commercial
value. My school for the adaption communication market vigorous development, specially is engaged in the training
handset service technology talented person, devotes to raise the handset service specialized level, transports the
large quantities of handsets service specialized talented person to the society for a long time . This school teachers'
strength is abundant, by experienced high-level services engineer to teach, has the certain scale business to service
the place and the special classroom took the practice base, and provides the handset service unification teaching
material,the advanced maintenance equipment and the teaching instrument, can fully meet the training teaching need,
enable the student to have the good teaching environment, can achieve the country in a shorter time to the service
Training school
Training school

Main curriculum and study content
1. Electronic communications elementary knowledge
2. Mobile communication system theories
3. Mobile phone principle and service
Raise direction
Can completely independently undertake the handset maintenance work, has solves each kind of handset difficult breakdown ability, may achieve the specialized service technology talented person's specialized skill, can independently carry on the analysis to each kind of new type and the new breakdown, the examination, the judgment and the repair.
Professional credentials
Carries on the teaching according to the national professional skill appraisal standard inspection program, participates in the Shenzhen professional skill appraisal instruction center organizated unification test, issues by the Shenzhen work and the social security hall the People's Republic of China work and the social security department nation general professional credentials.
Training school:
1. Ordinary class (including day shift and night shift): Tuition: $1000 (Don't need any foundation; three months for each one, who cannot master can study again for free. The whole set of the tools will be given.
2. Advanced class: Providing the practical exercise with the theoretic, the students will be trained to be the experienced experts.
Tuition: $2000, which can be paid in installments.welcome to our training school ,pls contact with Sally
Training school
Training school

Small skill Services of the handset
1.Voltage method:
This is one most essential method which uses in all domestic electric appliances service. The serviceman should pay attention accumulates under some different conditions the essential voltage data.
2.Electric current method:
This method also is in the domestic electric appliances service the most commonly used one method. Because the handset nearly completely uses subminiature SMD. Installs the density on the PCB part to be quite big, therefore if separates somewhere surveys the electric current to have the certain difficulty, generally should use the survey resistance the terminal voltage value to eliminate again to the resistance value comes the indirect survey electric current.
3.Resistance method:
This method also is one most commonly used method, its characteristic is safe, reliable, actually is says to the high density part handset is so.
4.Signal pursuit method:
Must want to fix some more complex breakdown, needs to use this method. Using this method we must understand the handset the electric circuit structure, the block diagram, the signal processing process, each place signal characteristic, can understand the circuit diagram.

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